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XUEER ;DD I'm a relatively good girl. I don't eat my veggies. I have an absolutely sweet tooth and I like chocolates and candy floss although they make me look kiddish most of the time. I absolutely adore babies and toddlers and I often go gaga over them. Give me presents! On 16th February :D friend and family are my passion.♥ I Love D


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I know I've got a very long time didn't update my blog already.
And I cut my hair already, ofcause not just cut.
Have some time already also, just I'm so lazy to update blog already.
I don't know why? LOL

Now days have lots of funny thing happen,
and I love my life now.
And, the one who always beside me I LOVE YOU
and I hope we'll last long forever, really.
I know you're doing to best thing now,
just we need some time.
ISABELLA @ (: 11:32 PM


As the very kacau punya budak Callie Leong non-stop ask me
So now I'm here to blog :)

Hmm...actually now days really busy on working and blah blah blah...
so less update blog already, my life is full of things and lots of things...
Now something different is, some one is trying cheat on me too.
So what to do?
I'll do double back if he really cheat on me, don't think I'm 3 years old

Turnning on : Love The Way You Lie
ISABELLA @ (: 11:44 PM


Alright, this is the Birthday Girl Callie Leong.

My babe look NERD. OH!
JunYong, he look gay here. hahaha!!

Schuey and ME. I miss him sooo much XD

My lovesssss

It Callie's birthday today, accompany her for outing
to celebrate her birthday with her :)
But we are late because of babe, his really slow motion until everyone wait for him
don't know how to describe his slow-ness.
I thought 3 something then we can move from serdang to fetch Callie
and 3.30 something we'll reach sunway to sing k and blah blah blah.
But because of babe, 5 something only we get Callie,
and we got no time to sing k, so we went to have our lunch.
and chat chat a while, and schuey got to go some where else,
so he went off, and left me, babe, callie, junyong and one of my friend.
walk around and look around...
and went to play games until 7 something,
Callie's family come already then we go back to serdang on 8 something
babe straight away fetch me back, and I reach home around 9.
It really early, because tomorrow I'm going to Penang,
gonna wake up early, so let the picture do the talking.
ISABELLA @ (: 10:04 PM


sorry I let my blog dead for so long time.
Callie is scolding me without updated my blog,
my friends are blaming me for not let them know what's going on with me?
First I have to say is I'm to busy for my life already.
Full of assignment, revisions, slides and homework.
Some more now days, everyday out with babe.
hahahaha!! Because babe stay near with me already.
So he can come and fetch when I need.
Once I call he'll be here with me in 5 minutes. how good?

Now have to start do revision, ready for exam already.
Next month gonna exam soon,
and next month not going out with babe after finish my exam.
I have to proof to daddy that, even I got my relationship
I still can handle my study. :)
Wish me good luck.
ISABELLA @ (: 9:58 PM


Half done my brochure's assignment.
Now just waiting my group member Oreo to send me the detail
and I write into the brochure and everything done.
Hmmm... I think after finish this assignment I'll still left...
1 more, Foong Lin's Assignment 2.

College life really make me felt so tired.
But what to do?
I promise my dad that I'll finish at least degree in this course.
So I'll do what I've promise.
And at least degree means 4-5 years.
Babe says he want to marry me after I finish my degree.
Can i belief this?
Even my ex-boyfriend says this before, but at last end with no reason.
I'm sick of this kind of no ensurer's promise.
It will be hurt if it didn't come true.
Some times I really need some rest on my relationship.
Because sometimes I need some one to talk to me...
But babe always not free, or maybe he is spending time with friends.
And now babe set up his own stall already.
Will be more busy on taking care the stall.
And I'm going to open blog shop too.
Both of us will be more busy in the future.
Will less meet up or maybe less go out for shopping already.
I really don't know how to handle our relationship, it's really hard for me.
Babe sometimes just didn't talk much,

didn't really put effort on it.
It makes me felt so blind on this.

Sometimes dad not really belief what I tell him.
Just like yesterday, I tell him my kindergarten is organise a trip
for teachers to relax at Penang. 2days 1night only.
For teachers is free, but for outsider is RM268.
I do ask babe to go with me, but babe don't want.
So I'll go there alone to enjoy myself.
But dad just can't belief that babe didn't follow me go.
I really get fed up.!
Why just can't belief what I say?
You want better result I get B for you.
You want I concentrate on my study I concentrate.
I not even think of babe when I got my class on.
Maybe sometime, a few minutes when it is tea break.
I do put effort on my study on my assignment.
But why can't my family belief me?
Everyday says I didn't do homework, say I always online.
They just didn't realize that I do it on every free time I got.
I didn't really act I'm hardworking in front of them,
because they'll say I'm fake.
So what to do? I'll just keep quiet and let them be.
I didn't fight back or argue with them.

College, last time when I was still secondary student
how wish I could faster get in college and study and finish what i want.
But it doesn't means it is happy when you get in.
There are lots of assignment, lots of things to do...

Relationship, I'm tired of this.
I wish to end this, but I confuse.
Because I love him.

Family, why peoples say family is the one who always support you?
Ya, maybe sometimes. But not always...
Sometime they will blame on you, and lost trust on you.

At last is, yourself.
Blame yourself when something goes wrong.
Trust yourself when anything need trust.
Scold yourself when something need to be scold.
Hate yourself if you do some wrong decision.
Love yourself when you're doing well on something.
Everything yourself, no ones will bother what you do,
And you're free.

I always be like that.
ISABELLA @ (: 9:56 PM






ISABELLA @ (: 1:20 AM


Today is my 4 months anniversary with my babe ♥
On the way back to serdang from college,
I saw RAINBOW! And it is so near so near with me.
I know this is not a big deal see rainbow,
now days always rain then everyday also got rainbow already.
But this month, this is the 3rd time I see rainbow.
So lucky lorhh.!
See some more I capture this rainbow until so nice.
With PJ's road name there, hahaha!!
Tomorrow going out movie with babe,
I want watch esclipe, my twilight.
Babe promise me!! Don't tells lie again.
Twilight means twilight, no others. :P
Don't tell me you're not feeling well, so cold in the cinema...
Blah blah blah~ I'll kill you if you say this again.
I'll hug you if you felt cold :P
teeheee... I love you babe ♥
ISABELLA @ (: 8:59 PM


hmmmm... yesterday argue with babe
Argue until he say break off T________T
I didn't know him say break, because I message with him
then I fall asleep already, so I didn't reply him
then he though I wan break off.

Then early morning I see his message I jam there for a few minutes.
Then what also didn't do I straight away call him.
that time is 6.15am, I non-stop calling him but he didn't pick up my call.
Then you know what I do,
I didn't care about my work, I know it will be late if I do that.
but I didn't care, I straight away drive go his hostel find him.
on the way going his hostel I continue calling him also,
until he pick up the phone I really can't control already,
tears drop down my cheek...

then until I find him then we chat for a while then nothing already...
thanks god.
ISABELLA @ (: 10:53 PM